Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Foot Thongs

  About eight years ago, a friend of mine brought me a page she had ripped out of a popular home business catalog that was a picture of foot thongs. She had seen some of the beaded, crocheted, little coin bags I had made, and she asked me if I could make some thongs for her. I said, "Sure, I can," because I am talented when it comes to looking at something and figuring out how to crochet it. I made them exactly like the thongs in the picture. They looked really cool when I was done with them. Then I thought, "Why not change the pattern around and make some different ones," because once I make something I like to play around with the pattern a little to see what happens. I made about ten pairs of thongs that summer; a few pairs for my friend, and a few for each of my daughters. Beside the fact that my daughters had seen the foot thongs, and thought they were really cool, I thought that if Miranda wore them all summer perhaps it would be an easier transition to wearing fun socks in the Fall. She still didn't want to wear the socks in the Fall, but she loved the thongs and wore them for the next few summers until they were too small.
  It's been a few years since I've made foot thongs. Writing "Stinky Feet" got me thinking about them, so I rattled my memory a little, looked online for some ideas and measurements, strung some beads on a few balls of crochet thread, and started to experiment.
  I showed them to my friends when they came to visit, and one of them asked if I could make some for her (to give to a friend) and she would pay me. Of course our youngest daughter saw me crocheting them and asked if she could have them, so I had to make a pair for her.
  I took pictures of them to share here - it's nice to have foot models lying around the house. The larger foot thongs are made for feet larger than Miranda's, so she twisted them up to fit her feet. I scaled the flower down for the little feet. Have you ever worn foot thongs? What do you like to wear on your feet in the summer?

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